Toxin Free Shopping Guide

Use this list below to see all my favorite toxin free living items. Simply click on an item and be taken right to a link to shop for that item. I’ve try to add in as many small businesses as I can to support! * I do have a few Amazon links below not affiliated with me. While I do not like to suporrt them, I recognize not everyone is able to do without at this time.  

Happy Shopping!

General House Cleaning

Norwex microfiber cloths, soaps and Mop System

Kosmatology Foaming Hand Soaps⁣⁣


DIY foaming hand soap

DIY All purpose cleaner

Doterra all purpose ⁣⁣cleaner concentrate

Laundry Room

Wool dryer balls

Molly’s Suds

Norwex Ultra Powerplus Detergent 

Zum Clean laundry soap

TrulyFree laundry products

Water filters

Pureeffects Ultra countertop, under the counter unit or whole house unit


Clearly Filtered water pitcher

Shower filter: Crater Aqua Systems / Pureeffects also sells showerhead filters

Hair Care & Body

Carina Organics Haircare

Poofy Organics Hair (try the Mighty Mane line for help during post partum hair loss!)

Wellnesse Shampoo and Conditioner

Crunchi SkinCare line

Cleanzing body line 

Crunchi’s Exfoliating Body Bar

Norwex Body cloths  

Aleavia Body Cleanse

Redmond Bentonite clay

Pretty Frank

Little Seed Farm deodorant

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion ULTRA with MSM

Rocky Mountains Remedies bath salts and scrubs

Feminine Products

Reusable Organic Pads



PFA Free Period Underwear 

Oral Hygiene

Orawellness Heal thy mouth tooth oil blend 

Orawellness Shine remineralizing tooth whitening powder 

Elementa Nano Silver Mouthrinse and tooth care line

Norwex Lysere Probiotic toothpaste 

DoTerra Mineralizing and Whitening Paste

Dr. Brite Mouthwash

Shower Water Floss 

Magic Mud Whitening Powder

Ozonated Happy Gum Gel

Wellnesse remineralizing toothpaste

Beauty & Skin Care Products

Crunchi Makeup and Skincare

Norwex skin care

Prim and Pure: low tox kids and teen personal care products

Kosmatology sugar scrubs

Sophi nail polish

Piggy Paint: polish for girls

Medicine” Cabinet

Daily Supplements

Elderberry Syrup (best to buy local organic, or DIY)

Earthley: Natural Remedies for your medicine cabinet 

Probiotics: Klaire Labs, Truvani 

Arnica Gel and homeopathy: perfect for injury, bruises and sore muscles

Collagen Peptides: Truvani Marine Collagen,Perfect Supplements Collagen

Prenatal/Multi vitamins: Seeking Health Prenatal, Megafoods Prenatals, Pure Encapsulation prenatal, Perfect Supplements Dessicated Liver pills  

Jigsaw Magnesium Soothe and Magnesium products

Immunity boosters/alternative remedies

Herb Pharm Garlic ear oil

Silver wings colloidal silver

Seeking Health Vitamin A drops (gargle and swallow half a dropper 1-2 days in a row to completely eliminate sore throat.)

Seeking Health Optimal Vitamin D3+ K2

Seeking Health Zinc / Pure encapsulations Zinc

Traditional Foods Organic Vitamin C Powder

Nuun Immunity tablets

Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail with Vitamin C

Activated Charcoal Capsules(I currently use Solaray- because it’s non GMO and derived from the coconut shell)

Digestzen EO (Doterra)

Moonvalley Organic herbal muscle rub

The Merry Hempsters muscle rub 

Doterra Natural healing ointment

Bug Spray

Nantucket Spider

Merry Hempster rescue salve

Earthley Black drawing salve stick 

Hopewell “No Bites” 

Terrashield EO Blend (DoTerra)

Greenerways Organic

Sun Protection (Note: I do not ever recommend any spray sunscreens. While mineral sunscreens are best, these minerals can be carcinogenic when inhaled…which is highly probable with a spray SPF. Always look for non nano zinc!)

Crunchi’s Sunlight Facial SPF 30: (baby safe!)

ThinkSport/ Think Baby

Earth Mama

Norwex Suncare

Hormone Health

The Napro Technology Revolution by Dr. Hilgers

Seed Cycling 

Hormone Balance

How to effectively get off birth control

Candles and Essential Oils


Rooted for Good Essential Oils

Basic Bee Candles

Kergyma Candles

Milkglass Candles

Pipers Honey Hive

EMF Detox and Education

Tech Wellness

EMF Education and Resources

Detox Support

Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch




Advice and recommendations given in this group are at the reader’s sole discretion and risk. You should see a qualified, licensed doctor before beginning any diet, nutritional, or aromatherapy program. Information presented here is not to be interpreted as an attempt to prescribe or practice medicine. Statements and information in this group have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No product offerings or services are intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. *This post contains affiliate links.