I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my dental health. Having 5 kids of my own, I want to be very intentional to pass on the skills and resources I gather, so this will not be an issue for them in the future. So often in our culture it’s normalized that cavities, root canals, and gum disease are part of life and to some degree “normal”. But there is nothing normal about any of that, and if we really want to go deeper into our dental health, we need to take a look at the whole body in relation to the mouth. Dr. Weston A. Price is well know for his findings regarding tooth decay and how the diet affects it. When I first starting diving into his work, I was amazed at how much sense it all made. I was even able to remineralize a tooth of my own and one of my children’s as well, following his protocol. Although it has been an amazing resource, I knew I needed more. Although I was ABLE to stop the decay and build back up my tooth’s strength, I was UNABLE to keep decay at bay with my other teeth, especial while pregnant and breastfeeding. Cue the Dental Diet.

I recently found a book by Dr. Steven Lin called the Dental Diet, and knew I needed to try this. Before I go further, I have to put in a BIG disclaimer here regarding this book. Dr. Lin is a big proponent of Darwinism/Evolution and discusses this in the first part of the book. As Christians/Catholics, we know this to be its own distorted “theory” or perhaps faith based religion in itself, since there is no science behind the actual theory and is left to its followers to exercise faith when believing it. So although there is a vast amount of actual science and read worthy medical correlations in the book, the theory of Darwinism is one I completely reject, has no scientific or historical standing, and would never endorse. OK, Moving on…

What I did come to find in Lin’s book was a deep appreciation regarding the connection of the mouth and the rest of the body. He has a passion for sharing how intertwined they are and even goes deeper into why the mouth is considered the “second gut.” He also provides in the second half of the book, recipes and meal plans for a 40 dental diet to get your tooth health under control and thriving. THIS. IS. WHAT. I. NEEDED.

The idea (as with many diets), is to fill your body with foods to create a healthy strong atmosphere internally, to derail any disease taking place in the body, and restore to its natural functioning state. In this case Lin focuses on foods to aid in healthy bone and joint growth, and he does a great job laying out the steps to pursue this idea.

These are my take aways from his book and what I have implemented into my family’s diet and lifestyle for the next 40 days.

  1. Remove all processed grains and sugars (weeks 2&3, we completely eliminate all sugars including fruits, to give our bodies and teeth a much needed rest and reset from the inflammation that too much sugar causes).
  2. Include remineralizing agents such as Nano-hydroxyapatite toothpaste and powders, which is the major component of teeth hard tissue, corresponding to 97% of the enamel in our teeth.
  3. Remove all refined oils such as cotton, sunflower, canola , soy, corn and peanut and replace it with fats and oils such as grass fed butter and ghee, coconut, lard, beef tallow, and extra virgin olive oil (used raw).
  4. Remove empty carbs and replace with (properly prepared- sprouted or soaked) beans, grains and nuts. But these are kept to a minimum.
  5. Large amounts of veggies – cooked and raw.
  6. Adding in more high quality, pastured, wild, meat, fish and organ meats.
  7. Fermented foods a few times a day with meals (this especially good for curbing sugar cravings).
  8. Properly prepared soups and broths.
  9. Im also incorporating minimal supplements as I’m trying to get everything we need from each meal, but occasionally I will add in gelatin, collagen, vitamin C, Zinc and minerals.

Small amounts of dark chocolate and organic red wine or unpasteurized beer are welcome which makes this the best diet ever lol. As with all diets, we will implement this and then when reality hits, try to live by the 80/20 rule, following our guide for 80% of our meals and allowing for splurges 20% of the times. Although not an intended side effect, and despite all the extra added fats, losing weight is a benefit of this diet! I’m keeping in healthy carbs and adding in snacks for the kids (jerky, hard boiled eggs, avocados, nuts and fruits) to ensure they will not be deprived of any thing their growing bodies need.

I do expect to see good progress in my teeth as Ive already witnessed by just eliminating “healthy” sugars and grains. I am hopeful to gain the dental health my mouth and body needs, in order to keep the rest of my body in balance. Follow my journey and meals on Instagram @safe_havensmama to see how we are implementing these next 30+  days!  Catching this late? Check out my IG Highlight “The Dental Diet” where I’ve recorded my 40 day diet.