This is by far one of my favorite snacks to make for the family. It can be made so many different ways but this is my typical base. I’m not great on measuring but this is pretty close to what I do.

Base Ingredients:

Oats: 3 cups (I like to make big batches and keep in fridge. You can double, but only make one batch at a time in the food processor or else it gets clogged)

Nut butter- 3/4 cup

Coconut oil: 1/4 (add in more if dough feels too dry)

Maple syrup or honey: 1/4 cup

Sea salt: 1/4-1/2 tsp

Add ins:

Protein powders

Seeds or nuts (my favorites are hemp seeds, flax and sesame or pumpkin seeds depending on where I am with my seed cycling)

Dried fruit


Chocolate chips

Mix oats, powders and seeds in food processor and blend well. Add in nut butters, sweetener and oil until you get a thick well incorporated consistency. Add more dry ingredients if it feels too wet, or add more wet ingredients if it feels too dry. Put in a bowl and add in chopped fruits or chocolate chips. Spread in a dish or roll into balls. Let chill for an hour or so and cut.