I went too fast and too hard on the supplement train after I was diagnosed with a variant mutation of MTHFR. I’m glad I listened to my gut when my doctor prescribed a very high dose of methylfolate and methylated vitamin B and did my research before taking it.

The most important thing you should know is that when you are starting on anything new, do your research. Don’t blindly trust what anybody says or what works for anybody else because we are all different. And our bodies all have a different history to them. I had two miscarriages in a row, just a few months apart, and after the second I asked my doctor what could I do to prevent this from happening again. She told me that you have to wait until after you have a third miscarriage to get any blood work done. In my mind that made no sense because I wanted to do everything I could to NOT let this happen again. Instead of consenting to their terms, I advocated for myself and pushed to be tested, she agreed. To my surprise, everything came back normal, except for “a little MTHFR mutation”. My doctor told me that all it meant was that I was unable to process folic acid and it could’ve been affecting the formation of the baby, but that it likely wasn’t the main cause. 

After my bloodwork results, I felt both relief and confusion, how could we find a reason but not really a reason? I started researching and found out it was a much broader issue than I was told and in the trauma of two miscarriages in a row, I took it far beyond what it needed to be. It was a whirlwind of research and constant questions. I went down a road of intense supplementing and although I thought I was being balanced about it, it wreaked havoc on my health and only made things worse. I wasn’t finding the fruits in this pursuit and didn’t know why.  It wasn’t until I realized that supplements are meant to supplement our body when needed, and not to replace. So I went back to the basics and realized it wasn’t just about my physical healing. My heart was broken, and my soul was grieving and I needed to respect that. I couldn’t bare to go through this again and I wanted to fix everything just right so I never had to relive the pain. I was searching for answers to the questions that haunted me. Why wasn’t my body working the way it should? Why is it broken? How can I fix this? I was doing it all on my own, and it was becoming all about me. I was asking the wrong question.

Ultimately I learned the miscarriages were out of my hands, nothing I did was going to bring the babies I lost, back. I didn’t need a concrete answer, I needed to be grateful I had a starting point and could go from there, step by step. I needed to recognize this was God’s plan and He was teaching me so much, bringing about a greater good from it all, though so mysterious and hidden from me at the time. I’m grateful for my experience because God was able to reign me in and see how much I needed a balance in this. It was a beautiful and heart breaking experience, but I feel like I found some good simple steps that helped me get my spiritual and physical health back on track, and even helped us conceive the following winter.

From all my research I realized that the first thing I needed to remove was folic acid from my diet, in all ways. Having the C677T variant of the MTHFR gene decreases your ability to absorb folic acid sometimes down to 30%. Your body cannot absorb that form and needs the broken down, easily absorbable methylated form. What happens to all the folic acid I took for years in supplements and fortified food? It got stored in my body and caused inflammation. This was a hard lesson learned for me because when I started the new form, my body was trying to detox the folic acid and didn’t like it! It’s advised to start at low doses of methylated folate so that the body doesn’t over methylate and cause uncomfortable detox symptoms.

What I needed to start with and build up was methylated B vitamins and from there I was able to supply the rest with a gluten free, nourishing diet, decreasing my stress and increasing sleep.  It’s amazing what our bodies can do when they are well fed and taken care of.