I have bad teeth. It’s been an issue my whole life, and I’ve been a mission to find out why! My husband, who I would say followed the American standard diet the better part of his life like most of us, has NEVER had a cavity! I wanted to know why, so I’ve been on a journey to figure that out. I stumbled upon some great information and had to share!

Did you know bone loss is directly related to hormone imbalance? Especially low testosterone and imbalanced estrogen. Many of us struggle with hormone imbalance to a degree. Did you know that although common, it’s not considered “normal” to suffer from increased PMS and painful, heavy periods? Diet and supplement changes can greatly reduce the effects of hormone balance. Because what we put in our bodies will slowly effect us in every way- good or bad. We can choose how to nourish our bodies and souls. So for example, in our bodies, if we continually eat saturated unhealthy fats we will likely end up with heart issues and obesity. For our souls, if we continually harbor anger and unforgiveness, we will start to deteriorate spiritually, mentally and physically.

Let’s look at some imbalance symptoms…


When testosterone is too low we often feel:



Low libido

Memory loss

Bone loss

Joint pain

On the other end, high levels of testosterone can cause:

Hair loss


Oily skin

Increased body and facial hair

Feelings of aggression

Keeping testosterone at optimal levels is all about supporting your body’s production of the hormone so it can work in tandem with other important sex hormones and neurotransmitters. (testosterone typically starts to decrease in your late 30s into menopause)

Low estrogen symptoms:

More fine lines and wrinkles

Brain fog

Creaky joints

Drooping or sagging breasts

Painful sex, vaginal dryness

Vaginal atrophy


Hot flashes



Irregular or missing periods

While estrogen will begin its decline as we near menopause, if you’re younger than forty these symptoms may be a sign of early menopause.

Common Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance:

Irregular or heavy periods

Water retention

Breast swelling and tenderness

Headaches, migraines

Fibrocystic breast changes

Weight gain

Mood swings

Hair loss

Painful periods

PMS is often caused by too much estrogen

Decreased thyroid hormone.

The key is balance! Go 80/20 on diet. Nourish your body with healthy foods 80% of the time and take the other 20% to indulge in a favorite drink or dessert once in a while. If you are high or low in either of these hormones above, find whole foods to add to your diet and if necessary, seek out a holistic hormone Dr. to get proper blood work done. Get out in nature, fresh air, mask free! Try a sauna to detox once a week, it’s amazing for detox and hormone balance. Add magnesium to your diet, it affects so many functions in our bodies from hormones to heart regulating. Water and adequate sleep are huge for balancing hormones. Water will continually flush out the toxins we take in through the day and help dispose of what we don’t need. Sleep will help to heal your adrenals and lower cortisone and reset your body for another day. Pray and sit in silence. Light a candle and reflect on your day and work through unnecessary anger or resentment. This is huge and a great way to reduce stress. We have the means and tools to heal our bodies!