Going to the dentist for some can bring about a sense of overwhelm or anxiety. Especially if you have put off going for years… like me…

Over the past year I have visited the dentist more times than I would have liked to, but because I had a great holistic dentist, I felt for the first time in 3 decades that I was actually being treated properly and restoring my teeth in the healthiest way possible. 

Sadly, like many, I have traumatic experiences from my dentists when I was growing up. There was very little compassion and attention to any type of a natural/biological approach . Each check up, I would be told I had a new cavity and had to have it filled. Years later, I ended up with a mouth of amalgams and some dental trauma. So I resolved to avoid the dentist from then on and be done with all that.

Fast forward to my child bearing years and I ran into trouble. I was dealing with weak enamel and pain, but resolved to do just about anything to avoid a trip to the dentist. While I admit I contained many of my issues naturally and even healed a tooth or two, as I continued to have children, my teeth continued to decline. 

I put if off thinking, once i’m done having kids, I’ll go back. But in the meantime I learned more about holistic dentistry and what I really wanted in a dentist. Then 5 years ago, out of desperation for a constant pain I had in one particular tooth for months, I found what I thought was a local biological dentist. I made my appointment and was ready to brave what was to come. When I was seen, the first thing they recommend was a root canal. If you know anything about a true biological dentist, they DO NOT recommend root canals!! I had read about the dangers of root canals so I was previously determined not to have one, but like many experiences prior, I caved to the pressure in desperation to find a resolution to my constant toothache. I had the root canal, but knew I needed to find a dentist who wanted to get to the root of the patients issues, not just a cover it up like root canals do. What I didn’t realize until many years later was that it’s possible to restore the nerve and tooth without taking such invasive measures.

When I moved to Florida I knew I had to find once and for all a truly holistic dentist. I prayed and searched and finally landed at a dentist who had the same health goals as I did! Over the last year I have had one cone beam scan to evaluate the health of my mouth, jaw, airway and sinuses, one extraction, two metal free porcelain crowns and restoration to those teeth that didn’t end in root canals, but restored the root of the tooth, ozone therapy, pfr therapy, and 3 BPA, metal free fillings. They even numbed the site prior to the lidocaine shot with clove oil! After that, I knew I was in the right place lol. I have a few more restorations to get done, including a professional amalgam removal (my previous removals were not done with such precaution) and a few minor cavities and restorations from previous dental work. But my overall goal is to be caught up on dental work and finally end my cleanings with a good bill of health

Im not going to lie, its extremely expensive. But so worth it. Our dental health can impact our body in such a deep way from cancer formation to heart attacks and strokes. Good dental health is necessary for overall health of the body. 

This is what my dentist offers and how I knew they were what I was looking for: “We offer Organic, non-GMO products for sanitizing and moisturizing including essential and ozonated medical grade oils. The office has specialized air purifying systems running 24-7; Ozonated water is made fresh every day and runs through all our dental equipment and water lines; state-of-the-art technology including CT scan (Cone Beam) technology, digital radiographs, and supplements to mitigate ionizing radiation.”

Here are a few things to look for that a real biological dentist should offer:

*Fluoride and Mercury-Free 

*Mercury Safe Removal (S.M.A.R.T. and PROTECT Protocols)

*Porcelain Restorations

*Ozone Treatment


*Regenerative Dentistry

*Cone Beam Technology (CBCT)


* BPA and BisGMA free


*Epinephrine Free Anaesthetics

*IAOMT certified

*S.M.A.R.T/PROTECT Protocol

*iabdm certified

These links are a good place to start in finding a biological dentist, but make sure to look further into each website as sometimes these dentists don’t actually practice holistically.

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Good online resources to learn more on biological dentistry:

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Share below: What are your experiences with Biological dentists?