Hey, There!
I’m Becky.


I am a wife and mom of 5, fighting the battle each day to make better choices in all areas of my life. I have found in the many years that I have been trying to live a cleaner lifestyle, that maybe the most important thing it is to stay balanced and not tip too far in either direction.

I’ve been the mom who ate brownies for breakfast, and I’ve been the mom who  bought strictly organic and allowed only wooden toys through the door. Either way gets exhausting. It’s information overload these days and I needed simple! I’ve learned that God made our bodies perfectly beautiful and I don’t need to be on every supplement known to man. When I finally started to see this and live this, my peace was restored and God opened up many new doors to health. I’m so excited to share ways to live a toxin free life and find beauty in the balance.

Its a joy and a blessing to have you here! 

My Mission

“My mission is to educate as many people as I can about the importance of caring for the bodies, minds, and souls the Lord has blessed us with. To be temperate in all things aside from loving others. That, may we give freely and constantly.