MTHFR is somewhat of a mystery that supposedly almost 50% of people have. But what do we know about it?

We know it’s not completely understood yet it’s becoming a more common subject in many health circles. We know an MTHFR gene mutation may change the way you metabolize and convert nutrients from your diet into active vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body can use, especially the B’s AND limit, very seriously in some cases, the ability to detox. We know there are currently two common MTHFR variants: C677T and A1298C. We know that these genes can be activated or dormant depending on how we treat our body. We know there is research being done and actions being taken and to “stay tuned” for all the latest as it unfolds. But where does that leave us when we find out we have it ourselves?

Having found out that myself, my husband and 3 kids (I haven’t tested the youngest 2) have a variant, even two variants, left me with endless nights of searching and gathering all the information I could. It’s started off with blood testing after we had a second miscarriage. I was told I had one variant of c667t and should not take folic acid and to start supplementing with methylfolate and methyl B12. After carefully supplementing and many trials and errors, within 6 months I started to feel better, my mind was clearer and ultimately we conceived our fourth. But all the while it left me in what felt like an endless pit of trying to make sense of why we had miscarried, trying to find all the answers to our health issues, trying supplement after supplement, sacrificing so much and ultimately a downward spiral of anxiety. It left me at an exhausting stand still, always praying I was doing enough. There was just too much information out there! The only thing left to do was to surrender. I surrendered it all to God, and asked for peace and closure.

Overtime, I’ve learned more on MTHFR and how to appropriately take care my family’s health. A few simple things (I share that in part 2) we now incorporate and it’s made a big difference in our lives. Studies are constantly evolving and new information comes. Be temperate… even in this.

The key is to keep a healthy balance, be flexible, and don’t over do it. Ultimately we must give it all to God as He wants only goodness for us. He is in control. “In His will is our peace” Have a story of your own? Share yours below!